Thirty years of experience serving our customers

CMM was born in 1993 in Gemona del Friuli and it has been focusing almost entirely on activities of maintenance. By acquiring more and more the ability to adapt the production to the variable demands of the market and to the needs of the customers, in 1995 CMM has started the diversification of the production and it has engaged with several areas.

Our company has always been characterized by the attention to details, know-how and continuous technical updating. It is currently specialized in the construction of industrial machinery designed for different areas, but also in the maintenance for the areas of vent, of hydroelectric industry and of water depuration.

Our goal is to offer our clients a 360° service that perfectly fits their specific needs.

Our areas

We deal with consultancy, design and construction of machinery:

Attention to safety

Safety and training are our core beliefs. To make sure they are always guaranteed to our employees and partners we are part of a network of companies, Percorso Sicurezza (, whose crucial point in the process is prevention.

Our determination to always take on new challenges and to face different realities led us working outside of the national borders, guaranteeing high quality process without geographic limits ever since 1996.

International scope

A trustworthy partner

If you are looking for a supplier that could become over time a trustworthy partner, CMM is the best solution.
By choosing us, our clients have widened their supply chain, obtaining great commercial results and continuous assistance.