Consultancy and design

In the field of machine manufacturing for metallurgical, theatrical and hydroelectric industries, the phases of consultancy and design play a major role, therefore we give our customer the opportunity to carry out with us even this stage only.

Design stage


Starting with the customer’s demands and continuously collaborating with them, our engineering department analyses the project and it suggests the most efficient solutions, from both technical and economic points of view.


Once we have achieved the customer’s approval, the actual design stage begins, during which CAD 3D systems and FEM structural verification software are employed to offer a precise and optimized vision which ensures efficient results. During this stage we also take account of the choice of materials, of massive and/or superficial thermal treatments, of spare parts and of generation of interchangeable parts in order to optimize the manufacturing of different components or machinery.


The next stage is concerned with the generation of codes and constructive designs, including the separate bases with the details of the entire project. This stage is also supported by the upgraded PLM Softwares of management of codes and revision of projects.