The overall area owned by the Company is 7.910 m2, divided into a covered surface of 2.830 m2, of which 2.475 are destined to the production unit and 278 m2 are destined to offices. The remaining 5.080 m2 of uncovered surface are destined to stocking and warehouses.

Machines tools

5 axis machining center

DMU 75 monoBLOCK
Max. X-axis travel: 29.5 in.
Max. Y-axis travel: 25.6 in.
Max. Z-axis travel: 22 in.
Max. table load: 1,323 lbs.
Control: Sinumerik 840D ShopMill

3 axis machining center

Deckel Maho DMC 100V Hi-Dyn
Max. X-axis travel: 39,37 in.
Max. Y-axis travel: 31,49 in.
Max. Z-axis travel: 19,6 in.
Max. table load: 2645,5 lbs.
Control: Heidenhain 430

Deckel Maho DMC 70V
Max. X-axis travel: 27,6 in.
Max. Y-axis travel: 21,6 in.
Max. Z-axis travel: 19,7 in.
Max. table load: 1763,7 lbs.
Control: Heidenhain 430

Horizontal lathes

Gildemeister N.E.F. 520
Maximal turning diameter: 19,7 in.
Maximal turning length: 39,3 in.
Control: Heidenhain ManualPlus 620

Graziano CTX 300
Maximal turning diameter: 9.1 in.
Maximal turning length: 23.2 in.
Control: Fanuc 21i-T

Maximal turning diameter: 59 in.

3 axis milling

Huron SX733B
Max. X-axis travel: 96,4 in.
Max. Y-axis travel: 39,37 in.
Max. Z-axis travel: 39,37 n.
Max. table load: 14109,5 lbs.
Control: Heidenhain 530


Welding stations MIG/MAG and TIG AC/DC.


Heated coating booth equipped with Wagner’s self-mixing Airless high-pressure pump.