Mechanical constructions

We deal with both specific simple mechanisms associated to small commissions, and development and production of complex facilities. We also offer our client the facilities’ installation and setting up services.

Productive process stage


On the basis of the indications of the Engineering department, our staff begins the production process of cutting, assembling and welding of the carpentry.


Next we move on to the actual machining process of the machine tools.


Once the production of the components is completed we move on to the coating stage, during which we mostly use water-based coats, in order to reduce the environmental impact.


At this point our staff deals with the delicate stage of assembling. The pneumatic, electric and electronic hydraulic systems are then set up, the components are assembled and finally the test stage is carried out.


The finished product is ready for shipping and it will get to the customer in perfectly safe conditions. At this stage we make sure to set up and prepare packaging for the transport, whether by sea, air or wheel.


We guarantee our customer the spare parts supply service, external assistance and maintenance and retrofitting in order to elongate the service life of the machinery.