guarantee of quality, safety and sustainability.

Safe Steel Plant Solutions

We design and create niche solutions dedicated to steel making with particular attention to safety and respect for the environment.

Test benches for hydraulic or electric transmission systems in the earth moving sector

We develop and manufacture test benches for hydraulic motors and pumps or electric motor handling units for industrial vehicles, according to customer requirements.

Studies and projects dedicated to the industrial sector

We have developed important collaborations with market leaders for the production of machines for welded mesh, theatrical handling and steel production.

Production phases

At CMM we give shape to the customer’s ideas starting from the design or even just from the actual construction phase.

The attention to detail and the continuous updating of the staff allows us to obtain high quality machinery, designed for the specific needs of the customer.


Starting from the customer’s needs and in continuous collaboration with the latter, our Engineering department analyses the project proposing the most suitable solutions, from a technical and economic point of view.


Once the customer’s approval is obtained, the actual design phase begins, during which 3D CAD systems and FEM structural verification software are used to create a precise and optimised vision that guarantees high performance results. In this situation, the choice of materials, bulk and/or surface heat treatments, spare parts and the generation of interchangeable parts are also taken into account in order to optimise the construction of the various components or machines.


The next step concerns the generation of codes and construction drawings, including the bill of materials with details of the entire project. This step is also supported by modern PLM code management software and project revisions.

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