Safe Steel Plant Solutions

We design and create niche solutions dedicated to steel making with particular attention to safety and respect for the environment.

Slag Arms

Devices for the automatic removal of slag from electric arc furnaces.

The arm is formed by one or more telescopic sectors that allow access to the slag mouth with maximum precision and fluidity of movement.

It prevents the operator from having to approach potentially dangerous hot spots and from using trolleys or other manually controlled devices improperly.

  • Work distance: 10 metres.
  • It operates while the furnace is in production, avoiding interruptions in the melting cycle.
  • Programmable cycles, paths and working speeds.
  • Possibility of integration and interfacing with primary pulpit steel mill management.
  • When resting, it is positioned vertically in the dead band, freeing the working area and limiting interference to the maximum.
  • It has a cooling system forced by ventilation ensuring an adequate temperature of the mechanical parts during use.
  • It can be equipped with fire-retardant shields or guards

Refractory Powder Dispensers

Devices for the assisted distribution of refractory dust during the operations of restoring the insulating mantle of the baskets.

  • Avoids the lifting and handling of the Jumbo Bag.
  • Adjustable product feed and dispensing speed.
  • Totally controllable by remote control.
  • Bag opening without manual intervention.
  • Capacity from 3 to 5 cubic metres.
  • Automatic or operator activated tank vibration system.
  • Radar security system in the machine’s operating area.
  • Quick replacement of components and worn parts.

Tilters for Ingot Moulds

Devices for the safe handling of moulds during maintenance operations

The mould is attached to the support base hermetically and, by means of an electrically controlled movement with safety brake, guarantees safe tipping and horizontal positioning of the component to be manufactured.

  • Hermetic fixing suitable to safely perform leak tests of the cooling circuit.
  • Also available with watertight floor tank.
  • Dimensions of the tank, fixing base and interface with the mould customisable according to customer requirements.

Maintenance Stations

Customised systems to facilitate access to various devices, e.g. polyps and ladles.

Prevents the operator from using improvised and precarious means for maintenance and overhaul operations on this type of equipment.

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